January 2023 has been a big month for MIFIA! Chair David Haddad and Board Member Alexander Page have been putting all their energy into making MIFIA’s cause known by taking their efforts straight to Lansing. David and Alexander, both volunteers, have been working closely with MIFIA’s amazing lobbyist, Brendan Ringlever, and Association Administrator Lorri Rishar from Edge Partnership for the past three weeks, meeting with state legislators and policy makers to push our agenda forward in Lansing. MIFIA’s goal of bringing back the film industry in Michigan looks brighter than ever!

These favorable meetings consisted of:

  • Senator Dayna Polehanki and Representative Jason Hoskins, both possible bill sponsors
  • Chris Harkins, Michigan State Budget Director
  • State Treasurer Rachael Eubanks
  • David Zin, Senate Fiscal Agency
  • Curtis Hertel, Governor’s Office.
  • Rep. Kristian Grant
  • Sen. Mark Huizenga
  • Quentin Messer, Jr. CEO,  Michigan Economic Development Corporation.
MIFIA’s lobbying firm, Michigan Legislative Consultants, held a new legislators reception where MiFIA Board members met other legislators. These included Reps. Alicia St. Germaine and Kathy Schmaltz.

In addition to all these promising and upbeat meetings, David, Alexander, Lorri and Brendan all scored tickets to witness Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s 2023 State of the State Address. At this event, they were honored to attend two separate receptions hosted by Speaker Joe Tate and Senate Majority Leader Winnie Brinks. This was a great opportunity to meet many legislators as well as mayors like Lansing Mayor Andy Schor. The Governor’s inspirational speech pushed the notions of Building a Brighter Future for Michigan and getting everyone who was listening to believe in Michigan again. We fully support her mantra to just Get it done!”

This is our defining moment. With this positive push from MIFIA and the openness of Lansing legislators, now is the time! We are as close as we have ever been to getting film back in Michigan especially with the Governor’s support. Gov. Whitmer has openly stated her support for the revival of the film industry and the benefit that it will have on the economy.

As the governor stated in her address: “As the world grapples with big challenges and asks itself tough questions, our responsibility as Michiganders is to roll up our sleeves and do the work.” So, let’s not stop now!

The time is now to aim for our annual fundraising goal of $125,000. We need another $75,000 by April 1. We cannot do this without the help of those around us and all our fellow Michiganders!  

Wouldn’t it be great if we knew someone philanthropic to donate $50,000 to MIFIA? Until we come across this magical donation, please start contacting any and all groups, large and small, to see if they are willing to donate to our cause.

Everyone on the board needs to commit to fundraising! Commit to help with this effort! We need commitment to help keep MIFIA pushing positively toward our goal!

To quote Governor Whitmer again, “So, whether it’s your buffs, the map decal on your car, or your GRIT hat … let’s show the world: We are Michiganders and nothing gets in our way.”

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